7th Grade Frost Valley Trip

Frost Valley Trip

September 2018

Specific departure and return dates/times will be shared directly with parents and guardians via e-blast.

**Please note required medical forms have been posted below.

Important Deadlines


April 25, 2018 - Mandatory Parent Meeting where all required forms will be distributed and reviewed. This will be a good opportunity to ask any questions.

Due May 25, 2018 - Permission Slip & Waiver of Responsibility (2 forms)
Due May 25, 2018 - Payment


Due September 6, 2018 - Medical Forms (required for ALL students attending the trip)
Frost Valley Medical Form
- Page one is required for ALL students attending the trip
- Page two is only required for students who require medication while on the trip (including: epi-pens, inhalers, insulin, medications that students take in school, etc)



Pond Ecology  


Your trip coordinators are:


Ms. Megan Rizer mrizer@rivervaleschools.com

Mr. Juan Nieves  jnieves@rivervaleschools.com


Want to know more about Frost Valley? Visit: http://www.frostvalley.org


Purpose of the Trip:

The 7th Grade trip to Frost Valley is designed to be an opportunity for students to develop important trust, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as to broaden perspectives of themselves and their peers, while participating in personal challenges and new experiences, away from their day-to-day routine. Through activities based on science, health, environmental stewardship, collaboration, and leadership, students will build connections with one another and their teachers, practicing responsibility for themselves, their community, and their environment.

Hiking/Forest Ecology
Scenic hikes on trails in and around Frost Valley include dramatic vistas and spectacular natural formations. Destinations include High Falls and Devil’s Hole, as well as crossing a cable bridge. Students will use their powers of observation to discover nature on a large and small scale.
Water Ecology
Games and activities are used to promote an understanding of interrelationships of habitat and wildlife and ways humans affect their survival. Students will explore pond and/or stream habitats to discuss conservation issues and examine unique adaptations used by animals for survival.

Climbing Tower

Students will be introduced to climbing equipment, techniques, and terminology. Emphasis on personal challenges through their own efforts, and support and encouragement of their peers, helps develop self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
Native American Dancing Interactive Experience

Students will be introduced to information regarding the Native American tribes that are local to the Catskill Region.  "Little Hawk," an authentic and passionate member of the Lenape Nation, will lead a very influential performance.

Students and teachers will relax around the campfire at the end of an action-packed day, to share stories, roast marshmallows, and spend some quality time with old and new friends, before heading off to the cabins for some much-needed rest.



Making new connections with peers and developing social skills are integral to the mission of the Frost Valley trip. To facilitate these goals, students will be assigned to three different groups during the trip: activity group, dining group, and lodging group. To the greatest extent possible, each of these groups will be comprised of a different mix of students. All of the group assignments will first be made on a random basis, and then crosschecked by the 6th grade and Encore Team teachers, as well as the guidance department and assistant principal, in order to minimize potential conflicts. Ample time during the day will be available for students to interact with one another outside of their assigned groups, including free time between activities and before/after meals, as well as at the evening campfire. Lodging facilities have large common areas for students to congregate before lights out and in the morning after packing and cleaning their rooms. All group and lodging assignments will be distributed during luggage check-in, the night before the trip.



Mealtime is an important part of the Frost Valley experience. Meals are served family-style, with students being made responsible for setting and clearing the table, and maintaining a clean eating area. Meals include vegetarian/vegan options, as well as an extensive soup and salad bar. Breakfast cereal, fresh fruit, and bread for sandwiches are available at every meal. Yogurt and fresh fruit are served at the breakfast bar. A key educational component to the trip is to increase the awareness of resources around us. Frost Valley composts all of its food waste. At the end of each meal, students will separate their organic waste that can be composted from non-organic waste, and will participate in a contest to see which tables have wasted the least amount of food. The Frost Valley Dining Hall staff will provide all food and snacks. No outside food is permitted per Frost Valley policy. Accommodations for dietary restrictions or allergies will be made with prior notice. Please contact the school nurse with any concerns, so that Frost Valley can be made aware of your child’s dietary needs.


Special Needs
All students are welcome on the trip. Frost Valley staff is able to adapt several of the activities to suit developmental or physical challenges. Please contact a trip coordinator with your concerns.


Security and Safety  

Certified teachers will provide supervision on a 24-hour basis. Frost Valley requires a 10:1 student to teacher ratio for 7thGrade. Frost Valley staff will also be on duty and available for assistance around the clock. The school nurse will be accompanying the students on the trip; there is also a staffed medical facility on site. Catskill Regional Medical Center is nearby in Harris, NY for emergencies.


Behavior and Discipline

All school rules apply during the trip and are enforced accordingly. Students are expected to maintain the same courtesy and respect toward one another, facilities, and all staff, as they would during a regular school day. Consequences for misbehavior include a reprimand, missing an activity, a discipline referral, or being removed from the trip. If removal from the trip is required, parents will be called to pick students up immediately.

Cell Phones and Digital Cameras

There is no cell reception at Frost Valley. Phone cards may be purchased from the Frost Valley store either during the trip or online. In the case of an emergency, landlines are available for staff to make necessary phone calls. It is strongly encouraged that cell phones are left at home. They cannot be used during the trip, except on the bus to make arrangements for pick up as we approach Holdrum on the way home.


Cost of the Trip
Trip costs include all meals, lodging, transportation, programming led by Frost Valley staff, teacher chaperones, school nurse and a commemorative sweatshirt.


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