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Holdrum Middle School ~ Student Activities

2023 – 2024

Art Show Committee
One of Holdrum’s greatest traditions for almost a half century has been its impeccable art show. This is your opportunity to assist in the building, arrangement and hanging of our annual celebration of the visual arts. For many students involvement in this committee is fondly remembered as one their most treasured Holdrum memories. Please help us to create beauty, wonder and an incredible learning experience for you; join us!

All grade levels will have the opportunity to work with various audio/visual technologies. Students will assist with equipment at school functions, assemblies and special programs, with the culminating activity of students working with microphones, sound effects and the mixing board for the HMS School Musical.

Holdrum Middle School offers a baseball program for boys of all grades.  This competitive team participates against teams from northern Bergen County.  Tryouts for this team are dependent upon the weather and physicals but usually begin mid-March to early April. The season runs until June (includes playoffs).  Games are held after school usually three days per week.  Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Holdrum Middle School offers a girls and boys basketball program for all grades. These teams participate in a competitive league with schools from northern Bergen County. Signups for these teams are usually at the end of October, with tryouts taking place in November. Any student who wishes to try out must complete all physical and medical forms prior to tryouts.  Our season runs from November to the end of February. The teams usually practice 3 times a week in the pre-season.  Once the season begins, players can expect 2 to 3 games a week with some practices.  Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Bowling League 
Open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders and runs from the first week of January through the end of February. Cost is approximately $70.00 which covers 8 weeks of bowling (2 games per week), trophies for top bowlers / teams, and pizza during the last week. A sign up link will be available in October.  Please message Mr. Fencik with questions or if you wish to be added to the Canvas bowling page. Links for the permission slips and forms are on the Canvas page.  Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Golf Club 
The Golf Club is open to all 7th and 8th grade students, who show an interest in golf and have demonstrated a skilled golf swing during their physical education unit.  All students must have the necessary permission and health forms, their own set of golf clubs and carry bag (no pull-carts).   Proper golf attire and shoes are mandatory.  No jeans, cut-off shorts, tank-tops, or t-shirts will be accepted.  Sneakers may be worn instead of golf shoes. All golfing will take place at local county golf courses. There is no fee to golf with the golf club however, students are responsible for arranging their own punctual transportation to and from the course. The golf season for this club is short and is normally the last week in May and the first week in June. If invited, golfers should expect two 9-hole rounds each over the course of the season once the schedule is set in mid-May. Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Holdrum Academies
In our continued effort for students to find their passions, recognize their achievement, and cultivate students who exhibit the knowledge, skill, character, and work ethic necessary for success in the global marketplace, Holdrum Middle School has developed a program in which students will be able to complete credit in curricular classes, extra-curricular activities, and special approved projects to attain successful completion of requirements in the Academy sequence. The completion of this sequence and the creation of an academy portfolio will allow successful students the opportunity to receive special designation and recognition upon completion of the eighth grade year at Holdrum Middle School. Students will also be provided opportunities to first select elective classes in their academy when possible.

Academy portfolio will include a written or visual piece of evidence for participation in this program. Students should self-select evidence that they are most proud of and not based on a score given to it. Students will complete required reflections on each piece by describing what it is and why they selected it as their evidence piece. Sixth grade students will be provided with an overview of the program and the ability to apply for any of these programs during trimester three.

The following Academies are currently available for the Class of 2020 and 2021:

           The Academy of the Written and Visual Arts

           The Performing Arts Academy

           The Welcome Aboard! Academy

           The S.T.E.M. Academy

           The Academy of Wellness and Mindfulness

           Beyond the Classroom Academy


Holdrum C.A.R.E.S
Holdrum C.A.R.E.S. is a club with the mission of spreading kindness and making a difference in the lives of others. This club is open to any student or staff member who wants to attend at any point during the year. This club was initiated in an effort to create an environment where all Holdrum students feel safe and welcome. We plan various student-driven activities and events that focus on wellness and giving to others. Our club emphasizes empathy and kindness, and builds character.

 Holdrum Middle School Spring Musical
Students in the 6th, 7th & 8th grade who are musically inclined and can dance and act should audition for the school musical production. Auditions are usually held at the end of January.

Instrumental Music:  6th Grade Band, 7th & 8th Grade Band and Jazz Band
6th Grade Band  ~~~ This ensemble is open to all 6th grade students who wish to play an instrument, regardless of previous experience.  This band performs at the HMS Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as other events.  They rehearse on Tuesdays from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. 

Concert Band ~~~ This ensemble is designed for all interested 7th and 8th grade instrumentalists with prior instrumental experience.  This band performs at the HMS Winter and Spring Concerts, the All-Pascack Inter-District Concert, as well as annual trips to Roberge and Woodside Elementary Schools.  Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.. 

Jazz Band ~~~ Students in the Jazz Band must be members of the Concert Band or 6th Grade Band, and will be selected based on an audition held in June for the following school year.  The Jazz Band performs a variety of styles, including swing, latin and rock.  This band performs at the HMS Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as annual trips to Roberge and Woodside Elementary Schools.  They rehearse on Wednesdays from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Intramurals are usually held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 7:30 am.  There are 40 sessions from October through April. Activities might be basketball, soccer, volleyball or perhaps wiffleball.  The main goal of this club is to have fun. Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Math Counts Club
The math club provides opportunities for all Holdrum students interested in math to work together with their peers on challenging tasks and math games that will enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Overall, this club will allow students to experience the fun of math through collaboration and communication.

Peer Helpers 
Peer Helpers is a group of 8th graders who are selected by their ability to speak in front of their peers and demonstrate a sense of caring and responsibility.  They are trained in the spring and can be seen around the school at various activities including 6th grade orientation, back to school night, graduation, visits to the 5th graders at the elementary schools and Project Adventure.

This award winning academic team has won the Bergen County Qualifying tournament seven times and has six top 3 finishes at the state tournament in the last 9 competitions.  They accept a limited number of students in the fall to compete in our state competition. The team designs and programs a robot out of Legos and develops an innovative research based solution to solve a real world problem. The team meets three to five days a week from September to December. This club is looking for eager, hardworking individuals that can work well together. This club is open to all grade levels.

Science Club
The Science Club is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The club meets one to two times a month after school. Some of our most popular activities include planting bulbs, making ice cream, building model rockets, tagging butterflies, and extracting DNA. We look forward to seeing all interested scientists.

Set Design/Stage Crew
Students design and build scenery and props for the spring musical. Set Design members also have the opportunity to be selected to serve as the stage and prop crew during the performances of the musical. Stage crew numbers are determined by stage size limitations.

HMS sponsors soccer teams open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls and boys.  Tryouts for the team are held during the first weeks of school and are usually held for two or three days.  The soccer season consists of approximately 10-12 games, as well as practices that are held at the Holdrum field.  Games usually begin at 4:00 for both home and away games, and end by 5:15.  Practices begin at 2:55 and go until 4:15.  Any students interested in trying out for the soccer teams are highly encouraged to do so.  Middle school is a great time to get involved in school sports and other extracurricular activities.  We look forward to seeing you at Holdrum.   Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required; Fall Sports Packet will be available online at the end of June, please adhere to the timelines!

Holdrum offers a softball program to girls in grades 6, 7 and 8.  Tryouts for the team are held in March.  The softball season consists of approximately 12 - 14 games, playing 2 to 3 games a week and lasts until June.  Practices in the pre-season are 3 times a week and 1 to 2 times a week during the season.  All home games and practices are held at Alexander Field at Mark Lane. Any student interested in trying out for the softball team is highly encouraged to do so.  Middle school is a great time to get involved in school sports and other extracurricular activities.  We look forward to seeing you at Holdrum Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required; Spring Sports Packet will be available online, please adhere to the timelines!

Spring Track 
The goal of the middle school track team is to encourage students to learn self-discipline, increase their organizational skills, become socially responsible, and to take responsibility for their own learning. As coaches, we seek to teach the basics of track, competition, running, jumping, and throwing in general. We hope that the children will improve their endurance and strength, enhance their confidence in their own physical abilities, make new friends, and enjoy the track and field experience. Running needs to be fun and rewarding (not necessarily trophy-wise).

Students will have an opportunity to try out for sprinting, distance, throwing and jumping events. Some students may want to only try out for one part of the track team, but we strongly suggest that they try out for multiple categories as most students have hidden talents they never knew they possessed. Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required.

Student Government
If you want to be a leader, this is a great place to begin!  Holdrum School Student Government is a representative government for the students. The government consists of a school president and representatives at all three grade levels.  The Student Government is an integral part of Holdrum School. We are involved in many fundraisers, community events and service projects.

Vocal Music: Concert Choir and Select Choir 
Concert Choir is one of two vocal music ensembles here at Holdrum. This group is open to any student in 6th, 7th, or 8th  grade who is interested in joining! We rehearse once a week before school, from 7:30 to 8:00 AM. The Concert Choir performs in the Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as at Woodside and Roberge Schools, and at the Pascack Valley Choral Festival on applicable years. HMS Concert Choir students also have the opportunity to audition for Honor Ensembles such as Bergen County Chorus (grades 7 and 8) and Region Chorus (grades 7 and 8, and sometimes also grade 6)!

Select Choir is our other vocal ensemble. Interested students for this choir must be in Concert Choir to be eligible to audition, as this is an auditioned ensemble. Auditions occur at the beginning of each school year. The Select Choir rehearses on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00PM, and students have the opportunity to learn more advanced repertoire and vocal techniques. The Select Choir performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts and has traveled to the elementary schools, the Pascack Valley Choral Festival, and to local community organizations to perform. Any questions about our choral program are encouraged and should be directed to Mrs. Teitsma, Director of both the Concert Choir and Select Choir.

Volleyball is open for tryouts to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls and runs through the months of September and October. There are approximately 10 competitive games during the season along with practices that start at 3pm, and an end of season tournament.  Several of our past Hawks have moved on to play at the high school level and have been very successful.  Many girls who start out with us attend camps/clinics to improve their skills and then go on to high school volleyball and have a successful 4 year career.  Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required; Fall Sports Packet will be available online at the end of June, please adhere to the timelines!

Wrestling is a very demanding sport.  Our team does not practice the wrestling that you see on T.V.  We learn a variation of the wrestling that is in the Olympics.  We have ten matches during the year, five at home and five away.  Wrestlers are matched up against those on the other team that are close to the same age, weight, and ability.  This means you will NOT see an eighth grader wrestling a sixth grader.  There are no tryouts or cuts on the team, so any student that is willing to work hard can wrestle this year.  Updated Athletic Examination Forms Required. 

The yearbook club is open to all 8th graders interested in designing and putting together the layout for yearbook.  The club meets during lunch time throughout the year. 

Yoga & Meditation
Yoga is an opportunity to take the time to connect one’s breathing to one’s movements.  This is done in a student centered approach that allows all participants to achieve their daily goal of feeling better than before their practice.  The practice of yoga and meditation is gaining acceptance and popularity as an enhancement to mental and physical wellness.  The club is available for students in all grades.  The River Vale Education Fund sponsors this club and has enabled all students with a great opportunity to begin their school week on a positive note.  Please wear comfortable and appropriate PE clothes.  Feel free to bring your own mat.  If you do not have one there will be mats to borrow. Feel free to join on a class by class basis, there is no commitment other than signing up! 

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